About Us

STRATIME AIRPORT FURNITURE is specialized in Terminal Interiors Fitting Solutions, including airport counter systems, signages and signs and all others related equipment and furniture (seats, commercial shop…) In order to meet the increasing demand related to the development of airport activities, STRATIME AIRPORT FURNITURE provides “On demand / Customer Design” of various equipment made of all types of materials: STRATIME AIRPORT FURNITURE is present in more than 100 airports all over the world, and offers its unique Counter Concept based on a long experience as Supplier of Airport Equipment and Furniture.

STRATIME AIRPORT FURNITURE has successful experience in managing all types of projects for Airports of different capacity,
from several hundred thousand to some millions passengers annually.



Stratime Airport Furniture has been engaged since its creation in a permanent quality process.

Our manufacturing methods are subject to the strictest quality requirements of the European Union.

The choice of our materials and our production methods are in line with our customers’ ever more demanding requirements in terms of reliability and durability.



Stratime Airport Furniture is present throughout the world to meet the needs of airport customers.

we provide solution for terminal counters, furniture, signage and all other equipment needed at airports.

Stratime Airport Furniture is present in more than 100 international airports.

We are present in the world through our offices in Paris, Cairo, Delhi, Mumbai, Kuwait and Baghdad.